Bee Curious

Honey is sweet and somewhere along the line I decided to keep honey bees.

I was looking for a lazy hobby to fit into my busy lifestyle. Excitement and danger with promised sweet rewards are all wrapped together yet require little physical effort from me. It is a team effort. The bees have their job and I have mine. That is my idea of beekeeping. Time will tell how I do on that prediction. =)

Education came by asking questions at the Farmer’s Market, helping a fellow beekeeper check on his hive, reading a book published in the 1800’s and also the entertaining internet.

Accomplishment describes my feeling when I look at the two finished hive boxes. I wielded a hammer and paint brush. Now, to acquire some bees. It was April and the locals where fresh out! Did I wait too long to order bees? Did you know you can buy anything on the internet?

Three pounds of Minnesota Hygienic Italian honey bees arrived by United States post priority mail. Post Office called me on the phone and when I arrived they asked for NO identification. Just pull around to that back side door please.

Two days later drove a little over an hour south and picked up three pounds of Russian honey bees. My gal pals, Julie and Rosanne, came along for the adventure. What an experience. That guy’s garage was filled with boxes of honey bees. Story swapping and picture-taking ensued.

A little more confident I felt installing the second colony. However, Ashlyn puts me to shame and that is a story for later. I’m saving the 2 screened bee boxes for the grandkids to put in summer bugs for closer observation. Just one more fun thing to look forward to, don’tcha think?

Installed Italian colony May 9, 2011
Installed Russian colony May 11, 2011


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